World’s craziest puzzle platformer

Blend animals together (in a big blender) and master the fun, mindbending challenges using the combined animal skills of your blendimal.

Smash, dig, jump, float, explode and egg your way to the Rocket Chair and get those blendimals to the moon!

iPhone | iPad

Welcome to 2284

All natural plant life is gone and Greensworth Gardens is the main supplier of freshly produced breathable air.

In the boots of future gardener Andy Sprout, you’ll have to squash giant bugs and sneak past gun-crazy cyborgs to save the love of your life and unveil the dark secrets of Greensworth Gardens.

Enjoy a beautiful and thrilling, storydriven puzzle adventure where you will discover the benefits of having mutated green fingers and a chatty coffee machine robot as your sidekick.

iPhone | iPad